Sunday, April 3, 2011

Did ya know that there are secret WONKA promo codes in your candy?

So, it was about a half hour ago when I had finished bathing my youngest and was getting ready to bathe the big guy when as I was walking past the trash can there it was .... out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of writing inside of my sons' empty nerds container. Curious I snatched it out of the trash and ripped the box apart, only to discover this...

What is this magical find? Of course I jump on the phone and dial the number immediately wondering if I won something or get a coupon or sample or anything. Sadly, to my disappointment  the automated ladies voice on the other end of the phone says "There are no current promotions..." AND then another glimpse of hope "Be sure to hang on to your Wonka code for the next promotion as WONKA CODES DO NOT EXPIRE.."  So I've signed up @  to keep in the email loop so that I won't miss the next promo and find out what exactly I can use this magical code for.