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Swaddle Designs Review and Giveaway; Angry Birds Baby Bodysuit and Marquisette Swaddle Wrap Review and Giveaway: Ends: 06/08/12


About Swaddle Designs

Lynette Damir, RN, CEO and Creative Director, founded SwaddleDesigns in 2002. The inspiration for SwaddleDesigns was sparked when Lynette visited families with new babies in their homes and she noticed they struggled with swaddling for two reasons. First, the blanket they were using was too small or too thick, and second, they could not remember how to make a good secure swaddle. The parents consistently asked her to share the secret of the hospital nurses - how to swaddle.

Lynette used her medical background and design education from the Art Institute of Seattle to develop the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket - large and square with swaddling instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket, so parents have an effective swaddling technique at their fingertips (patent pending). SwaddleDesigns first customer was a major hospital that purchased 4,000 blankets! They understood the importance of swaddling and the educational value of Lynette‛s blanket.

Supine swaddling is important because it helps babies transition from womb to world, reduces incidence of SIDS, helps babies sleep better and longer, and decreases awakenings due to the startle reflex. By helping parents master the art of swaddling, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket is a great confidence builder for new parents.

Over the past several years, SwaddleDesigns product line has grown significantly. Lynette designs all of SwaddleDesigns products and exclusive prints, and she selects every component based on its color, texture, durability and quality. She designs with baby‛s best interest in mind and to help new parents.

My Opinion

I absolutely adore the NEW Angry Birds Baby Line from SwaddleDesigns. My youngest son looks absolutely stunning and of course trendy. The teachers and staff at the daycare were all wanting to know where I had found the Angry Baby gear for Liam.  I had told them all about SwaddleDesigns and the many products they have to offer.

Liam isn't much of a "swaddler", but he loves to be cozy. This is is fave blanket right now.  I think it's because it is soft and well.. cozy. I wish that I had a blanket like this especially now that the weather is getting warmer. We had crashed together and shared this blanket. It keeps you warm, but cool at the same time. Basically it's like Goldilocks and the porridge.  This blanket keeps you "just right" temperature wise. We use this in his crib, stroller, car seat, swing, and bouncy chair (which he has recently outgrown). It also makes for a great play mat too since we have hardwood floors it gives him something nice to sit on.

He loves the blanket. The Angry Birds Red Marquisette Swaddle Blanket is the bomb! He actually drags the thing around the house frequently which is what he was doing when I caught him off guard and snapped the above picture. Hence, the squint-y eye. We also love the Angry Birds Short Sleeve Bodysuit, but the only pitfall I have found with it are the button snaps. They are very tiny and hard to line up and fasten on a super wiggly baby. I do wish the snaps were larger, but other then that it's awesome. The onsie is definitely one of the softest ones we own. I love the breathability (soft 100% cotton) and flexibility of the fabric because it moves with him not against him. It also coordinates well with the zzZZipMe sack, burpie, lovies, and more.

This swaddle blanket is marquisette style which is a very light weight open weave cotton (very much like muslin or gauze), but made with high quality finer threads for warmer environments. This blanket too is very generous in size and will be able to be used well into the toddler years, just like the Peace, Love, & Swaddle Design. The blanket itself measures out to be 46 by 46 inches square. This is another very versatile item from SwaddleDesigns. Use this as a sunshield for the stroller, a playmat on the floor for tummy time, or even as a privacy throw for breastfeeding.

The Angry Bird blankets are available in 4 designs so there's one for every bird fan:

 SwaddleDesigns featuring Angry Birds - Marquisette Swaddling Blanket - Red Bird SwaddleDesigns featuring Angry Birds - Marquisette Swaddling Blanket - Yellow Bird

 SwaddleDesigns featuring Angry Birds - Marquisette Swaddling Blanket - Blue Bird SwaddleDesigns featuring Angry Birds - Marquisette Swaddling Blanket - Multi-Bird

They also feature Ultimate receiving blankets in Red Bird, Yellow Bird, and Blue Bird designs as well as short and long sleeved bodysuits, Swaddle Duo Wraps, Baby Lovies, Burpies, zzZZippMe Sacks, and plush toys.  So don't hesitate to check out the entire collection.

Gwyneth Paltrow photographed using Sage Polka Dot Ultimate Receiving Blanket many times Bridget Moynahan Photographed using Pastel Blue with Brown Mod Circles Ultimate Receiving Blanket

Many celeb moms & dads love SwaddleDesigns including: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, Tori Spelling, Bridget Moynahan, Marcia Cross, and Mariska Hagitay!

I wish that could paste a sample of fabric on my blog and your could actually feel it so you could REALLY understand where I am coming from, but until the day that they make that possible you can learn more about SwaddleDesigns or purchase their products online by visiting:

SwaddleDesigns on Facebook
SwaddleDesigns on Twitter
SwaddleDesigns Official Website & Online Store

 SwaddleDesigns featuring Angry Birds - Short Sleeve Body Suit - Cotton Yellow Bird SwaddleDesigns featuring Angry Birds - Ultimate Receiving Blanket - Cotton Flannel Red Bird

Wait, there's more! SwaddleDesigns has offered one lucky reader the chance to win the NEW SwaddleDesigns Angry Birds Baby Marquisette Blankets or Bodysuits!! Want one? Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Make sure to complete all mandatory entries or you'll miss your chance to win!

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Natural House Cleaning Product Review and Giveaway; Surfy All Purpose Cleaner ~ Ends: 5/25

About Natural House

Meet the Powers Family

"I am a new mom of twins, with two pesky dogs and a cat. I am a huge believer in probiotics, and give them to my family daily. I believe in them so much that my husband and I run a biotechnology company that provides probiotic ingredients for many applications, from industrial cleaning supply all they way to probiotics for us like the ones found in yogurt. Though my husband and I tend toward buying natural products, we found that once we became parents, we became even more picky about what to buy. As my babes began to grow up, and play in the toilet and tub, I realized that I need to change all my cleaning products, so their sensitive skin wasn’t absorbing any harsh, or unfriendly chemicals. As we did the research from the viewpoint of parents, and as business owners, we realized we needed to create a line of products utilizing the power of probiotics that satisfy the demands of a busy mom and a business owner, who not only runs a natural house, but also runs a natural workplace. Natural House is a marriage our years of research in what gets the job done in commercial cleaning applications, to the rigorous safety standards that we demand for products used in our natural house and workplace.


For those parents whose kids have ever dunked their toys or pacifier in the toilet or licked food off of the floors…For those who have had to roto-root your pipes or have a septic build up and waste invade your home…For those of us who cringe when we have to open the trash can indoors and out…And for all of us out there that want something powerful that works AND want the piece of mind that what you are buying is non-toxic and safe, Natural House is for you.

Our Philosophy

My husband likes to say: We won’t sell it if we can’t eat it. Of course, my husband never encourages us to eat our products, but does want a product safe enough for our dog to drink the water out of the toilet after cleaning it, or for our twins to take a bath in the tub cleaned by our products. All of products are phosphate/APE-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. We do not believe in using any genetically modified (GM) bacteria. Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentile for all of the members of your Natural House."

My Opinion

I have done a few reviews for Natural House which are natural household cleaning products; already and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their products! I love knowing that they are derived from all natural ingredients. I love that they are meant to digest odors and kill germs and I love that they are absolutely safe to use around my children and our pets.

The newest addition to the Natural House family included Surfy. Surfy is and All Purpose and Surface Cleaner. It cuts through grease, grime, and germs while leaving surfaces streak free. The probiotic solution works even after your have finished cleaning by continuing to consume germs. It's also very versatile. I can use this product in the kitchen, bathroom, on appliances, counter tops, my sinks, stainless steel, the toilet and tub as well as any glass surfaces too!

Surfy has a ton of great benefits. It is an industry first , cutting edge probiotic cleaning product. It has a convenient spray nozzle for quick application, the probiotics create a beneficial odor eating ecosystem on any and almost all surfaces. Surfy contains NO VOC's or other harmful chemicals and helps to keep dangerous pathogens off of surfaces and out of your body. The scrubbing action in this product scours dirt, lifts grime, while driving out odors at their source. The best part is that it is eco-friendly, Non- Toxic, and biodegradable.

Let me show you how it works.

The counter before using Surfy- I had friends over who drink coffee, but don't clean up

This is a picture of Surfy doing what it does best- Neutralizing the situation

This is what the counter top looked like after Surfy did it's thing

It left my counter tops clean with a lovely sheen and as always I don't have to worry about the kiddos rubbing up on the counter and smelling like chemicals or touching the surfaces and putting their hands in their mouths! I love these products and you will too because one lucky reader will get the chance to try out Surfy for free! Natural House has offered one lucky reader the chance to score their own bottle! If you absolutely cannot wait to win one you can purchase their cleaning supplies online, right here on Amazon or directly from them here and not one of their products cost more than $4.99!!!

For the chance to grab your own bottle of Surfy, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below and don't forget to visit them to learn more or purchase their goods:

Natural House on Facebook
Natural House on Twitter
Natural House on YouTube
Natural House's Official Website and Online Store

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